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Industrial fabrics

Industrial fabrics

Through creating common innovations, shared growth, product modification and differentiations, we have always strived to be the major supplier for all of our clients. This goal had led us to become the leader in quality and production capacity in the tech textiles for industrial use.

Our products range from fabric weight of 330g/SQM to 4,000g/SQM and fabric width up to 4800mm. Through understanding the needs of our clients, and providing solution, we were able to help to transform ideas into real practical dynamic products. In raw materials, we are able to process and manufacture fabric using yarns of filament, spun, cotton, mono-filament, nylon 66 and hybrid-yarns. The main applications of our products include the fabric of reinforcement for conveyor belts, filtrations, geo-textile and architectural fabrics.

Possessing the industry leading technologies and world-renowned weaving equipment, coupled together with our professional staffs and outstanding R&D team, we are confident to be able to produce the best quality textile and satisfy any of our clients’ demands. It is with this confidence and focus, that has been the key to our success. We will continue this focus to maintain as the leader in tech textiles.


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