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Far Eastern New Century has devoted ourselves to PET preform/bottle production since 1981, and with more than 30 years of manufacturing (injection and blow molding) experience , Far Eastern has since led the market with its high quality preform/bottles in Asia.

PET preform/bottles can be used in aseptic, sparkling, and hot fill applications. Far Eastern has contributed to Green mission, and can provide customized eco-friendly products with bio or PCR base.

And to fulfill its market requirement, Far Eastern has since continued to invest in latest technologies to achieve greater efficiency in its production for high quality preform.


Type Product Neck Finish Application
Preform MAX-017(17g) 30/25 Aseptic, 0.35L
MAX-020(20g) 30/25 Aseptic, 0.6L
MAX-022(22g) 30/25 Aseptic, 0.6L; Water, 0.7L
M1X-019(19.5g) PCO 1881 Aseptic, 0.6L
MPX-019(19g) PCO 1810 Aseptic, 0.6L
MPX-061(21g) PCO 1810 Aseptic, 0.6L
MPX-025(25.5g) PCO 1810 CSD, 0.35/0.5L
MPX-027(27.5g) PCO 1810 CSD, 0.6L
MPX-029(29g) PCO 1810 CSD, 0.6L
MPX-038(38g) PCO 1810 CSD, 1.25L; Water, 0.85L
MPX-040(40g) PCO 1810 CSD, 1.25L
MPX-048(47.4g) PCO 1810 Water, 2L ; CSD 1.5L
MPX-203(52g) PCO 1810 CSD, 2L
MPX-054(54g) PCO 1810 CSD, 2L; Water, 2L
MPX-263(26.8g) PCO 1810 Neck Crystalized Hot Filling, 0.35L
MPX-323(32g) PCO 1810 Neck Crystalized Hot Filling, 0.6L
MPX-561(55.6g) PCO 1810 Neck Crystalized Hot Filling, 1.5L
MPX-643(64g) PCO 1810 Neck Crystalized Hot Filling, 2L
Type Product Neck Finish Application
Bottle Water Grade PCO 1810 0.52L
Water Grade PCO 1810 0.6L
Water Grade PCO 1810 0.85L
Water Grade PCO 1810 1.5L
CSD Grade PCO 1810 0.6L
CSD Grade PCO 1810 0.63L
CSD Grade PCO 1810 1.25L
CSD Grade PCO 1810 2.0L
HR Grade PCO 1810 0.58L
HR Grade PCO 1810 1.5L

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