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High Tenacity Industrial yarn

High Tenacity Industrial yarn

The Far Eastern New Century Corp. (FENC), with more than 20 years of experience of producing polyester yarn, started developing industrial grade yarns in 1987. In 1991 FENC officially enters the industrial textile industry and start mass producing said yarns, with a wide range of applications such as car seat belts, canvas for advertising boards, waterproof textile, cargo slings, construction and geotextiles.

In 2008 due to changes in industry trends, FENC in cooperation with other globally prominent firms, started producing specialty industrial yarns such as eco-color yarns and recycled yarns, flame retardant yarns for safety applications, and ropes made from mooring yarns with a high degree of durability and resistance to abrasive damages.

All our products, starting from our basic PET chips to the final yarns, are solely produced, managed and checked within FENC. Thus ensuring that products that are transported to downstream firm for additional processing is of the highest quality possible.


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