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PET Shrinkable Film

PET Shrinkable Film

PET Shrinkable Film

FENC’s PET shrinkable film is a good package material with excellent uniformity and stability shrinking behavior. It can be applied to various shape bottles, for instance, high curve bottle, polygonal bottle, special shrinking applications. FENC was combined the professional R&D team and production line to meet your needs. We’ll develop all kinds of special function shrinkable film with your idea. FENC always care about the environment issue. Completely replace the PVC label to reduce environmental pollution is our target.

Advantage of the FENC shrinkable film:

  • FENC’s own polymer technologies and vertical integration of material supply.
  • The professional continuous production line in the world. FENC can provide the best quality product.
  • Professional technical process can control high uniformity of film thickness.
  • High heat stability, without shrink below 60 oC
  • Meet all kinds of printing process.
  • Meet all kinds of bottle material and curve.
  • Meet high speed printing and sleeving process.
  • The smooth shrinkage curve.
  • The professional R&D and technical service team.


Specification of product

Entry unit SHFTU SHFTH Measurement
Shrinkage % 75 65 FENC Method
(95°C, 10sec. in water)
Thiceness μm 35~50 35~50 ASTM D-1400
Gloss % >120 >120 ASTM D-523
Haze % <5 <5 ASTM D-1003
Length M (1500~2000)、3000、4000  
Width mm 400~1200  
Package type   Packing、Pallet Packing、Container Packing  

Additional options are available depending on specific customer needs.
This includes: UV Cut、UV stabilized、low force、White film、PVC replacement Stretching both way shrinkable film.


The curve of shrinking rate

Beverage bottle

  • Meet all kinds of bottles
  • High quality of printing process
  • High effect of production
  • Eco-friendly material

Bottle finish label

  • Meet the rule for food package
  • Unrecoverable for safety design
  • Totally encapsulated design type

Daily chemical

  • Meet all kinds of package for daily chemical bottles
  • Meet high rigid storage
  • Rich colorful and clean for printing label

Electronic product & stationery

  • Meet the requests for electronic products and stationery
  • Meet the requests for packing safety

Beer label

  • New packing design
  • Meet high curve bottle
  • Meet for PSA-coated shrink label and other application

Fresh food packaging

  • New package design
  • Meet the rule for food package
  • Safety treatment of waste


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