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Investment Activities

FENC has transformed into an industrial holding company spanning polyester, textiles, telecommunications, petrochemicals, cement, shipping, retail, financial services, transportation, construction and hotels. With the aim of sharing resources and thus prospering as a whole, we also facilitate the transformation of our subsidiaries’ businesses and obtain stable investment income. Our major investment is Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (FET). With the aim of expanding into 4G mobile applications and IoT markets, FET provides the fastest 4G tri-band internet connections in Taiwan, and has seen the number of its 4G service subscribers growing fast. In 2015, the telecom operator ranked top in terms of revenue growth in the industry, generating consistent profits for FENC. In retail, the “City” series of shopping malls run by Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd. (FEDS) achieved remarkable performance. Our network of malls has given us a huge advantage in analyzing consumer behavior and identifying regional competitors to both increase our business scope and reap higher profits. In the cement sector, Asia Cement Corporation (ACC) continues to raise its profile as a green-conscious brand in an effort to boost its value. FENC will continually expand its businesses to create more value for our shareholders.